We Are The Batin Family (@twokids.nonap)

We are a family of 5 mom-dad-son-daughter and our French Bulldog Royce Chandler. We live in Southern California (Palm Springs area)

I created this blog to share my experience as a young millennial mother. I believe the best life is an authentic life! I chose to blog in order to shed light on parts of marriage and family that a lot of people may not like to share! I think it is important to shine the light on authenticity because chasing perfection will drive us all insane. Parenting is HARD, marriage is HARDER. I also LOVEEEEEEE REVIEWING PRODUCTS (honest reviews ONLY) Everyday is a challenge, everyday is a blessing. I intend to share tips and tricks to help get through everyday life, (I do not know it all) I am winging it just like everyone else but I assure you if nothing else you will get a good laugh blog after blog!




Daughter "Bella"

Son "Papa"

Dog "F#$KING Psycho"

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA the real LA (Mid City)! You know? The part that makes it impossible to get anywhere due to traffic lol! After 18 years of city life I moved to Merced CA, for College. I am a UCMERCED 2014 graduate. Shortly after graduating I completed a year of national community service through AmeriCorps. After Americorps I began my career as a college counselor, and my Masters Degree program for (Marriage and Family Therapy)@ CBU. Long story short, I met my amazing man fell in LOVE, next thing you know I woke up married with two kids and a crap ton of things on my to-do list. 

Born in San Bernardino, CA raised in different regions of the Inland Empire and The Palm Springs area. James loves SPORTS. He's is like the stereotypical man, you know? ESPN, PS4  good food and he's happy! He went to several colleges to play football, many recruiters believed he was NFL bound but after several injuries he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and work in the medical field. James has a passion for cooking, he is the best cook in my opinion! He hopes to start a business in the food industry in the next couple of years. Anyways he knocked me up and turned me into a wife and mother, I love him to death, and he is the best father and husband in the WORLD

Jalen born March 11, 2017, is the coolest kid. He has the craziest, funniest personality. He demands attention which is not surprising because he's a lot like me! His mom lol. Jalen has a very unique look, his eyebrow birth mark gets a lot of attention and his beautiful curls break hearts. Jalen is a wild kid, like the type that jumps off couches and tables, runs when you tell him to come here, He basically likes to push every button you have lol, but!! he is incredibly sweet, and gives the best hugs ever! He is still adjusting to being a big-brother and does not care for his sister very much at this time lol. 

Our Jru, born October 9, 2018 and yes it is pronounced DREW! I was not aware people would have a hard time pronouncing 3 letters with no other possibility of pronunciation lol. But We love her name and the uniqueness of its spelling. We mostly refer to her as BELLA, because when she was born she was so beautiful she just looked like a Bella, She is the perfect baby, I am not kidding! She is calm, sweet, affectionate and incredibly happy all the time! Many people question our families ethnicity because she is incredibly pale compared to us lol (well... James and I are both Bi-racial (caucasian/black) so our kids are a variation of both of our twisted genes lol. 

Listen Royce Chandler is a cutie pie. BUT PLEASE do not let those cute frenchie ears fool you!!!! he is clinically insane! Born February 14th, 2016 at 3 years old he remains a puppy. He jumps like a frog, he doesn't listen he is stubborn, he DEMANDS attention and he does not like to follow any rules period. lol We got ducky with this one right? Well we like to say he was our first child and we did a lot of things wrong! lol but overall WE LOVE our psycho dog lol, he is Jalen's best friend and he has a huge heart, he loves us and we don't deserve him. 

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IG: twokids.nonap

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